Playtime Paradise at Cat Pens

Another Sunday morning scrubbing our cat pens for the souls in our temporary care, sanitised and re-sanitised, cat infectious bacteria does not stand a chance! Mia the Delightful full of manic mischief, bouncing around the outer corridor when her turn to play, sadly also pacing frantically. Out of them all, she is in most desperate need of a home with a big garden, but a one year young mottled tortie should surely entrap someone’s heart very soon

Beautiful Molly sedate and dainty, a long-haired tabby, she is the picture-perfect cat, with a serene temperament to match.

New boy Marty is full of affection and headbutts, he is no stranger to love but is a stray, someone surely is missing him, somewhere.

Poppy and Maisie, sweet tortie and white girls, pleased to see me and ready to play in the cat tunnels. Likewise Trixie: the cat tunnels belong to her alone, so she thinks, she adores dashing through them.

Finally poor Milo, recovering from a bacterial gastro-intestinal upset, and hence cleaned last, and not allowed out in the corridor to play. He is a sweet white (with black spots) cat, a gentle soul who hopefully very soon will put both his illness – and homelessness – behind him.

Resident feral Aaron around for his breakfast, over the years he has slowly learned to trust us all. I don’t know how old he is now, surely a teenager, but a healthy one.

And then home to play with my own gorgeous moggie, Tessa! She is a rescue who I met at the pens.

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