Farewell to Feline Flavoured Sundays …

… but may animal rescue shelters continue forever.

Yesterday after 11.5 years I concluded my time as a Cat Pens Sunday volunteer. The final cats I cared for were as ever lovely each in their own unique way. Meaw, grey puss with mysterious eyes, vortexes speaking of other worlds … Fudge, tortie and white delight, ready for some affection. Oscar, a black and white being of joy and playfulness. Dill, grey giant of dignified gait, enjoying a leisurely stroll in the outer corridor. Kaikee, quirky and exuding character, a black beauty with a home lined up already. Finally Leon and Khan, two pretty females who adore (head kissing) each other.

An end of a feline era, and the beginning of new ventures on a Sunday morning: writing my feline inspired children’s novel, progress now to be charted each week.

And more cat pen musings to come: as over the next few weeks I embrace nostalgia and remember some of the more colourful or just simply adorable previous Cat Pen residents.

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