Kittens Leave Magic Dust in their Wake …



I met two special souls yesterday, bundles of boisterousness, hearts dipped in heaven with all the unutterable and non-describable beauty that is a kitten.

Billy and Teddy slept, played, bit (playfully) and climbed, then slept, soundly, on my lap. Such joy they impart just by being, being and only being themselves. The mystery of cats … by doing nothing, they can yet inspire.

Kittens are the promise of tomorrow, in their small bodies the wonder of life unfolds, and their quiet mieaw holds the wisdom of surrender to the silent rhythm of time.

Join them in their contentment; meditate to the symphony of purring.

May Billy and Teddy experience and enjoy the magic of life for many long long years. I hope to be part of the journey.

1 thought on “Kittens Leave Magic Dust in their Wake …

  1. Your words are lovely Rachel. I wanted to say thank you and I don’t think I can do your poem justice by adding anything further. Tee! Hee!

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