To Edgar, A Special Cat

My Mum’s cat Edgar is a very special boy, a cuddle me cat who loves everything and everyone. Below I have had some fun – an imagined reason for his “difference,” his unfeline like air of universal friendliness.

To Edgar…

When a Cat is Not a Cat

They came, and gently they played; mischief and magic hugging each other in the air.

The Moray Firth on the northern coast of Scotland comes alive with the mystery of dolphins, beings of the night, children of the day. It throws its blessings to the wind, dolphin energy gifting us all new life.

Edgar turned over in the sun, and began to purr. Invisible soulmates surrounded his heart, blessing his brain with memories of a playful yesterday. So clearly, he recalled the sanctity of water, group games gliding through the ocean. But that yesterday was still here, in his heart, and the song of the dolphins was in his soul.

For Edgar is a special cat, he has the soul of a dolphin. In his sleep he returns to the Moray Firth, and swims with his old friends. By day he tries to play with cat cohabitants Julius and Rose, but they grow cross easily with him, their feline spirits affronted by his free abandon.

One day, he thinks, one day I will return to my real home.edgarandgus

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