Cat Pens – Musings and Memories

8 September 2013
Cat pens update: Milo better, springing around the outer corridor with a new lease of kitten-like life! Serene gentleman Marty as lovely as ever; Trixie desperate for her turn to play in the corridor, please somebody give her a home soon! Newbies: gorgeous mottled tortie Libby, nervous (hissy) to begin with and then rubbing around you, a stray cat so her story is unknown but hopefully the next chapter of it will be better for her! Sophie is a beautiful tortie and white, very friendly. Finally Munchkin and Tigger, more mottled dark torties, the sweetest cats ever, and very much enjoying some affection. Always been indoors, perhaps their secret wish for a garden will soon come true! Munchkin pictured…


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