Cat Pens from Years Gone By

30 December 2012
All well at the cat pens, Harry enjoying playing in the cat tunnels, Molly much more confident, ginger giant Tigger desperate for a cuddle, Fergus enjoying playing with the snake toy but poor Brian staying in bed – he is semi-feral, not very happy when we’re around! Looking back over 2012, there have been some very memorable cats. Most of all for me, Norman, because he arrived scared and distrustful, pretending to be aggressive but really just very nervous. Slowly he transformed until he was rubbing around our legs, and now has been happily homed for many months. Other favourites include Tizzy, a gorgeous tortoisehell who my friend Susan fell in love with (as did I of course!), beautiful and longhaired Emily and Mia, gorgeous girls, Alfie of the musical mieaw, and longhaired ginger Jamie who reminded me so much of my Mum’s cat Edgar. Todd and Stoker, black and mature gentlemen, also very memorable, Kiki of the most pale ginger and Fred and Felicity who arrived nervous but soon loved their cuddles. All the best to them all – and we’ll wait to see what 2013 brings!

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