Mother Emily

By Rachel H Grant

Far away in a star-studded galaxy, there lived a black cat called Emily. She had nursed many kittens over the years, earning her the title of “Super Mum.” Her offspring became intrepid explorers, travelling the universe in search of intelligent life with the help of her planet’s advanced humanoid beings. Emily was happy, she had lived a good life and did not believe it could get any better.

One day she was approached by Arnelia, one of the Planet Guardians.

“I have a special mission for you, if you choose to accept.”

Emily listened carefully, eyes alight with fire.

“There is a planet called Earth, on the other side of our universe. It is populated by humans, a strange race but with potential to be greater than they are one day. Our Oversight Mission, which seeks and learns from new races, has decided that felines should be introduced to Earth. Your unique healing powers will help Earth, and we believe you will form a special bond with humans that will help them in many ways. Will you sign up to be the first Earth cat? The one who begins a whole feline civilisation on a new planet?”

Emily’s eyes glowed deeply. “I would be honoured.”

So Emily – pregnant – travelled to Planet Earth, observing its cavemen with interest and wondering whether these primitive people would really one day be special. Her six kittens were reared to teach their own children to heal, to bond with humans and to help them in their journey.

It was time for Emily to leave her kittens and return home. Invisible tears ran from her eyes as she said goodbye. “This is your home; make it a feline paradise.”

As she boarded the space capsule, Arnelia regarded her with a smile on her face. “Shall we time travel to see what becomes of cats?”

Time travel was used only very occasionally, due to concerns of its effects.

“Are you sure?”

“You deserve to know.”

So they travelled to Earth year 2000. Cats with pink collars stared from house windows; cats were in gardens, hunting mice; cats were in paintings in art galleries. Emily stared in wonder as they drank in this insane future, from their cloak of invisibility. “They are part of human life,” she murmured.

“Yes, and all thanks to you. This is your legacy. But not your only one. There is another planet…”

Emily lived a long life, but she never forgot Planet Earth. As age drew aches through her legs, she decided that she wished to return. “I would like to see Earth, again,” she confided to Arnelia.

So Emily returned to Earth in the year 2010, where a helpful human rescued her as a stray and gave her a blissful retirement home, food on tap and a large garden to play in. Emily was happy; her legacy, her life. Cats really did heal humans, it was all true. And so together they became greater than alone. Emily purred as she slept one last time, and dreamt of all the Earth kittens born that day, and every day. A cat’s heart will live forever, and kittens rule the earth.

This story is dedicated to all mothers on Mothers Day, but especially to my own lovely mother and of course to the real cat Emily (1986 to 1998).

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