Party at the Pens

My weekly shift at a cat shelter, a chore and a delight I have carried out for over a decade and which I am to stop on 29th December, heralding a new year and fresh pursuits. Over the next months, I will document the end of this, my feline-fuelled journey in to cat care. Destination: December and a childrens’ cat novel!

This week the highlights were Munchkin and  Tigger, two new mottled tortie girls who have always been indoors and, not surprisingly, weren’t in the mood to venture out of their beds. Munchkin has the sort of eyes people call windows to the soul. Tigger gently presses her head against your hand, and looks at you piteously. “Take me home!” was in the air, alas not for me, I already share my life with a feline ball of fun, Tessa.

New girl Libby is another mottled tortie, very similar but slimmer. She is lovely but very wary, however her hisses quickly turn in to rubs around your leg.

And gentle boy Marty eager for affection as usual, he is a sweet soul who will make someone a calm and “constant comfort” companion.

Trixie full of adventure, the world of cat tunnels and climbing posts is quickly not enough for her! Milo back to full health after a stomach infection. Finally the beautiful Sophie, a tortie and white dream, is a very affectionate girl who will surely soon take someone’s fancy.