Feline Frolics

13 January 2013
Cat pens update: good to see Fergus gone to his new home, hopefully the owners have booked many hours of playtime in their diary! His pen now holds a stray (unneutered) boy called Jester, he is adorable and very affectionate – photo below. Trixie far more confident, and looking for a cuddle. Tigger also desperate for his cuddle, he is a very handsome – and very large – lad. Brian ventured out of his bed today, he is a beautiful longhaired boy but semi-feral, hopefully a country home for him will come forward soon. Lily and Jasmine lovely as ever, gorgeous girls.



Cat Pen Characters

6 January 2013
Cat pens update – Molly off to a new home! New cats Lily and Jasmine, sisters (Lily long haired tabby, Jasmine short haired tabby and white), are lovely if a little nervous still. They only arrived yesterday as did Mitzi, a beautiful tortoisehell girl who was very subdued today. Harry full of beans, and Fergus enjoying the cat tunnels. Tigger desperate for a cuddle, but poor Brian still staying in bed.