Magical Merlin

Cat Pen Memories

10 March 2013
Cat pens: all well at the pens, all cats venturing out to the outer corridor for a run around – but very quickly returning to their cosy cabins! Felix playful as ever, Munchkin much more settled – he is a lovely boy, Sox desperate for a cuddle, Jynx enjoying being brushed and Tibby enjoying some affection. New boy Merlin is a handsome black gentleman of 12 years (pensioner age in human terms!) – see photo.

Cat Pen Ponderings

6 March 2011
Glad to see some cats at the Pens have found new homes, and three gorgeous new girls to play with, but poor Greebo (pictured) and Polka must be fast approaching our record for the longest residents ever, they have been with us over a year.


Happy Cat Pens

3 March 2013 – All well at the cat pens, Teddy is off to a house, a very big house in the country – plenty of fields for him to explore! Sox desperate for affection as usual, and Jynx enjoying a cuddle. Tibby is adorable, so tiny. Felix enjoying a play in the outer corridor, and Munchkin seems far more settled than last week, out for a wander.

And here is Tibby – aka Tessa, the first days of many happy memories.