Shades of Silk

by Rachel H Grant

Steffy was a special cat, with one blue and one yellow eye. Allonah loved her; they were inseparable. Her first pet, and she could think of nothing as perfect as this bundle of purrs and pleasure.

Her eyes twinkled in the sun, molten pools of magic. When Allonah lay ill one week with a virus, Steffy lay by her side, her distant eyes full of knowing. Slowly her colour glowed green, and beautiful healing colour energy entered Allonah, easing her aches.

This happened more and more frequently over the years; when Allonah was ill, Steffy’s fur would glow a certain colour, and Allonah would begin to feel better.

For headaches, she glowed purple; colds were green; nausea was yellow.

Allonah decided never to tell anyone about her cat and her special powers; after all, they would put her through painful tests. So it was a secret to cherish, just for the two of them.

She wondered whether there were other cats in the world like Steffy. Surely she could not be the only one?

Allonah began to paint, cats of different colours. It was a beautiful therapy and she enjoyed it very much. Then she started to sell her pieces to a local hospital, where an experimental new director was attempting to create “healing” decor and ambience. Her pictures proved popular with the patients. A local gallery contacted her to exhibit there; suddenly Allonah was a local success! And all due to her cat.

One day, Steffy changed colour no more. The magic had done its work, but would not be forgotten.

Steffy slept peacefully by Allonah’s side as she dreamt of worlds unknown. A cat’s love lasts forever.

Photo from “Cats: Colouring for Mindfulness.”

Magical Merlin

Cat Pen Memories

10 March 2013
Cat pens: all well at the pens, all cats venturing out to the outer corridor for a run around – but very quickly returning to their cosy cabins! Felix playful as ever, Munchkin much more settled – he is a lovely boy, Sox desperate for a cuddle, Jynx enjoying being brushed and Tibby enjoying some affection. New boy Merlin is a handsome black gentleman of 12 years (pensioner age in human terms!) – see photo.

Happy Cat Pens

3 March 2013 – All well at the cat pens, Teddy is off to a house, a very big house in the country – plenty of fields for him to explore! Sox desperate for affection as usual, and Jynx enjoying a cuddle. Tibby is adorable, so tiny. Felix enjoying a play in the outer corridor, and Munchkin seems far more settled than last week, out for a wander.

And here is Tibby – aka Tessa, the first days of many happy memories.