Snow White Sam: Adventure One

A white cat with an amber and a blue eye
Firmanamff on Pixabay

Five year old Adele lay on her bed in tears. Her best friend, her tender soulmate Theodore the Teddy had disappeared. Without him, she was bereft. Her heart hiccupped with grief.

Then she heard it, a low meowing. At her window.

Slowly she opened the curtains, and smiled in sudden delight at the sight of a white cat on her windowsill, one eye amber and one eye blue. He was a dream cat come true.

As Adele opened the window, the cat picked up something in its mouth. Why it was her teddy!

Adele clapped her hands, happiness painting her features with sunshine.

The cat dropped the teddy in to her waiting hands, rubbed around her body, then jumped back through the window and was gone. She never saw him again, her angel feline.

Snow White Sam ran though the garden, right in to the arms of his next mission.

Children were at the heart of most of his adventures, new souls who could – who would – achieve so much, but who sometimes needed a gentle paw to push them onwards.

Janine and Tracy were in the village park, tears abundant as they shared their woes. Sam ran up to them and rubbed around their legs. It was time to take them somewhere special.

He began to walk, looking behind and meowing. They took the bait, and followed, their blonde ponytails swaying in the wind, whispering in their ears of a better tomorrow.

Two streets away, a green garden door led to a secret space, a piece of public land hidden and forgotten. Sam scratched at the door, which the girls obligingly opened.

A petite wild garden confronted them, with an old well, like a vision of a magical world on the edge of reality.

It was a wishing well. Sam led them to it, and jumped on to its rim.

An old wooden well in a garden
No-longer-here on Pixabay

The girls hastily pulled on the old rope, as the bucket ascended to their eager eyes.

The bucket was full to the top with parched yellow envelopes, ancient letters from a distant past. Sam pawed them playfully. The girls chose a letter each.

Tracy’s letter implored her in old-fashioned ink: “Speak telepathically to the cat next to you.” She stared at the paper in disbelief. How was this possible? Then she tried it. “Hello,” she whispered in her mind. “I am Sam,” was the reply. “I help children.”

Janine’s letter however was more exciting. It depicted a treasure map, featuring their village and its wild paths that snaked deep in to the countryside. There, in a copse of trees, was an X. At the foot of the map, almost illegible writing proclaimed “X is a magical dragon egg. Whoever finds it, will gain a magnificent companion and guide for life.”

“What are you waiting for!” screeched Tracy over her shoulder. “Let’s follow the treasure trail!”

Sam was left alone, as always. He gazed in to the magic wishing well, and wished for a family of his own. Perhaps one day he would find it, the day his adventures were over, the day he could just enjoy being a fun feline for a while.

He pushed open the green door. It disappeared behind him, leaving an unmarked wall. Hidden from the world, the garden’s magic would continue nonetheless.

Sam continued on to his next child. There were still hours before dusk. Many minutes to play with, seconds to save a child’s fate. For the children are the future, and their destiny danced safely in Sam’s soul. It was time to play like a six year old, as the kitten in his heart awoke. It was time to be a child.

Avril looked out her window, boredom pulsing like a headache within. Then she saw him. A white cat with different coloured eyes. He jumped on to her windowsill, and with joy replacing the headache she quickly let him in. Having a cat of her own, she even had some food she could give him. The cat ate with the hunger of days. She laughed, a new feline friend is always fun.

A prayer of playfulness filled the room, as Sam purred with a cat’s contentment.

There were hours still before dusk, and magic to sing in meows. The day was as young as a perfect white cat’s heart.

A white cat pictured side on
Yeracastelan on Pixabay