Shades of Cat Shelter Days

26 August 2012
Cat Pens Update: all is well, and Angel and Reilly have gone to hopefully a happy home! Missy is less hissy, and really enjoyed her turn playing in the outer corridor. Eddie full of beans as ever, and new boy “Amy” (that name will change!!) is rather shy but adorable, he does like to head butt. Tizzy appears to be in heat, rolling around happily, but I see she’s booked in to the vet on Tuesday so presumably to get neutered! Poppy is serene and Casper very relaxed and happy nowadays. All gobbled up their breakfast – I took Felix As Good As It Looks pouches with me as a treat.

Cat Pen Memories

A trip down the tunnel of sweet feline memories.

19 August 2012
Cat pens update: gorgeous tortie Angel climbed on my shoulder today, so sweet but trying to ignore the needle-like claws! Eddie full of beans as ever, I really hope he gets a home soon with a big garden he can play in. Poor Missy, I don’t know what mistreatment she has suffered, she is still very hissy but hopefully will settle down soon. Casper enjoying chasing magpies (completely safe at a distance and behind the mesh wall!). Resident black and white cat who belongs to the owner of the land around for a cuddle and to steal Aaron’s food (Aaron is a feral cat who lives around the cat pens, we feed him and he has his own bed under cover outside the pens!)


Cat Pen Memories

14 August 2011

Cat pens update: my favourites Peggy and Bucka the dilute torties are still there, meanwhile Mona becomes friendlier than ever. Three homed since last week, and the lovely Buster has taken their place – a very sweet boy with the biggest head I have ever seen on a cat his size!

Bucka – one of my favourite rescue cats ever!