My funniest memories of working at the cat shelter, are the times when we got the names so so wrong. Often my fault – the most beautiful grey and white kitten who I christened Laura, came back from the vet a Laurel. Likewise, grey mini god Thomas turned in to a Tina.

But Saskia was not my mistake. A beautiful brown and white wonder, who came in with two kittens. Saskia would lie calmly and patiently on the outer window shelf as the kittens remorsely climbed over her, biting and licking. A motherly saint.

But no, back from neutering at the vet – and it turns out mum was a dad! So much for the general belief that male cats don’t have much to do with their kittens. I can’t remember what she was renamed as – Simon perhaps?

The best names ever chosen? The Von Trapp family springs to mind, a mum and kittens named after the family in The Sound of Music. And I won’t forget the pre-named cats who were handed in, christened with not just a first name but a surname too!