Cat Pen Memories

17 November 2013
Cat pens update: a cold day but all warm in their heated cabins! Pearl and Jade are the two loveliest black kittens ever, little purr machines who just want a cuddle! Hamish getting better (recovering from cat flu), he is a handsome tabby giant. Maggie so so affectionate but brother Max just hides in the scratching post box. Princess and Bumble more and more confident, while Libby is as desperate for her turn in the corridor as ever. Felix (pictured) all cosy curled up in bed.


Remembering WW1 Felines

Today we are remembering World War One, and this blog would like to give out a shout to all the cats who (also) nobly lost their lives for the war effort.

In the trenches, an estimated 500,000 cats were used for rodent control but also became mascots and a source of comfort to the soldiers. Cats were also used for rodent control on ships.

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In remembrance to the brave feline fighters, and to the companionship they gifted to our brave soldiers.