My parents’ cat Gus has sadly departed, PTS in the end stages of cancer. He was a young at heart cat, full of life and the joy thereof, an easy going chap who loved nothing more than to hunt by night and sleep each day in kingly comfort. Here he is pictured (white and ginger) with best friend Edgar (long-haired ginger).

Gus: A Portrait

A ginger and white watercolour
Mouser crouching in mute tones
Hunter in a cat’s eye sea

A feline fantasy in paint
Leaps with lavender high
Catnip character in freefall

An auburn-toned still life
Cat sleeps in frozen sun
Dreams of everlasting fun

The Territorial and the Timid

My shift at the cat shelter today did not disappoint, the usual two hour glimpse in to a world of cat cares and errant feline fancies. Munchkin and Tigger, two beautiful tortie girls, were grateful for affection, and had a bruised look in their eyes when I slowly exited their pen. It can be a hearbreak! Jaffa has been through the wars with one torn ear, new this week he was keen to explore. Libby full of fun and dainty disdain. New girl Suki shy but will I am sure come round. Dylan meanwhile is adorable, but can mieaw for all of Cat World to get out of his pen. All the best to Sebastian who has gone to pastures hopefully purrfect …