Tom Cat by Elizabeth Reinach

Looking for a gift for a cat lover?

Nineteen sonnets of purple purrs and feline frolics. “Tom Cat” by Elizabeth Reinach is an intellectually inspired ode to all cats.The hero, Tom Cat, strides from sonnet to sonnet with unneutered pride and delinquent disdain: true feline poetry in motion.

Each sonnet begins with a line from Shakespeare. Most poems are narrated by Tom’s frustrated owner, a Director of Finance, who attempts to impose daily law and order on his cat: but the strongwilled sir has other ideas!

Contemporary concerns mix with domestic disgrace. From female conquests to stolen delicacies, scratching noble visitors to biting feet in bed, hunting trophies that cause hysteria to credit crunch pet food, Tom’s antics warm the heart and the words that weave his tale satisfy the intellect.

Extremely well written, this is a unique collection of at times funny, at times philosophical, but always eloquent, soundly structured sonnets.

My favourite poem is the final one:, in which the narrator muses on his own future passing, stating firmly that:

“When I sign on to, My password will be ILOVETOM.”

This sonnet marks a beautiful end to the collection, and one which sticks on the heart like a post-it note promise from the future.

All proceeds from “Tom Cat” go to Aberdeen branches of Cats Protection. To purchase a copy of the book, please contact Keith Murray Advertising.

The book will also be on sale in local stockists, including Books n Beans, Belmont Street, Aberdeen: where it is formally launched at 6.30 pm on Thursday January 28th 2016.