Relax and Enjoy

“Relax and enjoy!” proclaimed the DVD cover. “Two hours of non-stop cat antics!”

It was an unusual but not unwelcome birthday gift, considered Sheena as she set the DVD to play. What better way to spend a lazy Sunday morning?

A beautiful garden confronted her, a floral and feline paradise with a rainbow of flowers and various cat climbing frames. She counted nine cats, all content with each other’s presence, a feline family in happy freefall.

They chased catnip mice and relaxed on top of giant cat scratching post towers.

The DVD cover’s claims were true. It was very relaxing watching this. Sheena sipped her tea and smiled. What a thoughtful birthday present!

The next morning she decided to steal five minutes of cat bliss before leaving for work. Sheena frowned as the DVD started.  Where were the cats?

It was the same garden as yesterday. But there were no cats.

Sheena was puzzled but not alarmed. She did not have time to dwell on this mystery as she left the house for work, and during her busy day had no time to think further on the matter.

Driving home, a cat ran across the road in front of her. It looked like the tortoiseshell cat in the DVD. Sheena slowed and shook her head. She must forget about the mysterious DVD.

At her door, she spied a cat in her neighbour’s garden. Just like the grey cat in the DVD.

Sheena shook her head again, all cats looked similar, that was all.

She could not resist watching the DVD again. Perhaps she had been distracted this morning, that was all.

There were cats in the DVD now: only, they were different cats.

A large tabby cat lay sunning herself as her kittens ran antics around her. They were a mixture of tabby and ginger kittens. Sheena watched transfixed. Again, she thought how the DVD did exactly as stated. It was so incredibly relaxing to watch these feline souls at play. There was a joy of life in kittens so sadly missing in day to day drudgery.

We could all do with some of their jubilant enthusiasm, mused Sheena.

The next morning she took five minutes to watch the DVD again. The garden was empty. She was really intrigued now. This was beyond mysterious. It was uncanny.

As she opened her door to leave for work, she almost fell over a kitten on the doorstep. Ginger and adorable … and just like one of the kittens in the DVD. She picked the kitten up and took him inside.

She had never had a pet cat. But that could all change.

She poured out some milk and water for the kitten, and took a detour to buy kitten food before finally managing to leave for work. She spied the grey cat in her neighbour’s garden again.

Two of her work colleagues reported that unknown cats were at their door looking for food. Sheena smiled inwardly. Something supernatural was going on her. A feline web of wizardry.

Hamish the kitten became her new best friend. She donated the cat DVD to a charity shop, glad to be rid of it.

In another house, several miles away, a new DVD owner would watch cats at play, and smile. Only their lonely life was about to change. A stray cat would soon turn up on their doorstep, begging to get in.

Sheena stroked Hamish, and smiled. Some events defied explanation … but they were good anyway, special moments to cherish wherever they had come from, a taste of love in the labyrinth of life. She continued to stroke Hamish, a smile on her face in indelible ink.


Feline Frolics at the Cat Pens

20 May 2012
Cat pens: poor Mannie desperate for attention, howling piteously when left alone, he is a darling! Charlie and Milo entranced by seagulls and crows outside (tempted down by the food we leave out for our resident feral cat). New boys nice, and Norman so relaxed and chilled nowadays, what a different, poor boy I don’t know what he had been through in his life to be as aggressive as he was when he first arrived. Good to see Fifi homed, good luck to her!

Cat Pens – Portraits in Time

13 May 2012
Cat pens update: Jamie is homed, replaced by Lexi, a very very elderly frail soul with a meiaw that is barely a whisper. Ginger boy Mannie has really come on in confidence, he is desperate for attention now, and sleek black Hector and Harriet are as adorable as ever. Norman is enjoying playing in the cat tunnels, while poor Fifi has an eye infection and returns to the vet on Tuesday. It’s good to be back.

Cat Pen Purrs

5 May 2013
Cat pens update: New arrivals – Oscar is a lovely 6 month old kitten with classic tabby markings; Ollie is a handsome longhaired black boy. Boo enjoying exploring the corridor; Bella enjoying some variety to her diet as her obesity biscuits had just run out!! Barney much more confident, headbutting and loving some attention. All enjoying the unexpected heat!