Feline Frolics at the Cat Pens

20 May 2012
Cat pens: poor Mannie desperate for attention, howling piteously when left alone, he is a darling! Charlie and Milo entranced by seagulls and crows outside (tempted down by the food we leave out for our resident feral cat). New boys nice, and Norman so relaxed and chilled nowadays, what a different, poor boy I don’t know what he had been through in his life to be as aggressive as he was when he first arrived. Good to see Fifi homed, good luck to her!

Cat Pens – Portraits in Time

13 May 2012
Cat pens update: Jamie is homed, replaced by Lexi, a very very elderly frail soul with a meiaw that is barely a whisper. Ginger boy Mannie has really come on in confidence, he is desperate for attention now, and sleek black Hector and Harriet are as adorable as ever. Norman is enjoying playing in the cat tunnels, while poor Fifi has an eye infection and returns to the vet on Tuesday. It’s good to be back.

Cat Pen Purrs

5 May 2013
Cat pens update: New arrivals – Oscar is a lovely 6 month old kitten with classic tabby markings; Ollie is a handsome longhaired black boy. Boo enjoying exploring the corridor; Bella enjoying some variety to her diet as her obesity biscuits had just run out!! Barney much more confident, headbutting and loving some attention. All enjoying the unexpected heat!