New Cats to Play With …

Tessa is happier than ever in her new home. “Your mum bought this place for you, Tessa,” a guest reminded her with amusement on Friday night.

So we gear up for the big adventure outdoors, a life as an indoor only cat soon to be reborn…

We are watching new friends from a distance. Mr Sleek Grey is a regular, a noble grey puss with shining eyes and a silken coat. He was playing with leaves on our lawn today, little knowing a captive audience beheld his every move.

We are blessed to share our lives with these others, their antics only serving to enrich our minds.

I believe that cats were sent to teach us, these intelligent souls have so much to offer mankind, loyal but independent companions. May our pets live on forever…

A Time to Mieaw, A Day to Purr For

… a new era of freedom.

Two weeks in to our new home, my beloved Tessa looks with intense interest at our garden: a simple piece of lawn crowned with small patio, but to us even simpler souls it is a little piece of paradise.

Tessa has always been an indoor cat. Her outdoor adventure is soon however to begin: supervised at first, bedecked in a harness, but we will take it slowly from there. One day the grand goal of a CAT FLAP may arise.

What joy, to allow an indoor only cat her first taste of real nature (mixed with some inevitable trepidation in case she runs off…).

But for now, we melt in to the moment and enjoy a present tense of new house, new territory and a new lunge at life.