Cat Pens Memories

29 July 2012:

Cat pens update: giant but gentle Ben and Tigger are adorable (and very shy just now). New girl Mittens is lovely, and Mia and Emily are their usual affectionate selves. It was our open day: a roaring success, even the occasional torrential downpour did not dampen the spirits of the visitors. My tea and coffee stall was the busiest it has ever been since I took over this duty a few years ago, everyone was enjoying a cuppa!



By Rachel H Grant

Rose lay asleep in the sun, as though the world were gone, only her dreams left behind. Slowly she purred, a feline fantasy melting like honey in her mind.


A secret was stitched deep within Rose. Her name was apt, for inside her heart beat a tiny piece of love: a real rose quartz crystal.

Exuding an aura of peace and love, her very presence was healing. Calm caressed her home and all in it. She indeed was a magical cat.

Years turned in to seconds, running timelessly through the river of life, waters of tomorrow beckoning today. The rose quartz in Rose’s heart grew in strength and purpose. A feline future unfurled, a present for posterity.

The rose quartz essence traversed Rose’s body and took on life of its own. One night, pain shot through her as one by one four sparkling rose quartz crystals forced their way from her bewildered body.

Ronald, Ryan, Raquelle and Rebecca. Her own kittens.

Only they were not cats, they were rocks: rose quartz beings in the shape of kittens, with the enigmatic look of millennia in their eyes. One by one they left her side, sidling towards the cat flap in a conspiracy of retreat.

Rose ran after them, a mother’s love blossoming in her rose quartz heart. But they were gone, disappeared in to the deep of night.

Slowly, Ronald tapped on a window with his quartz paw. A small child awoke, hair tousled, eyes blurry. Letting Ronald in, he then curled up and was fast asleep before Ronald could begin to purr. But purr he did, the molten quartz music joining the child’s dreams and soothing his mind, axing anxiety, the fear of the bullied child.

The other kittens found their own frightened children, subduing their worries with rose quartz magic. But in the morning, they were gone, moving on to who knew where, a plan of purr and play in the name of healing and harmony.

Rose looked for them, going round the garden again and again. Her heart ached as her mind prayed. Please give them back to me.

As the rose quartz kittens travelled far away, making miracles in their wake, Rose’s dream came true. She found them in the field beyond her garden. Crying in the early morning light. Three black and white kittens, small and defenceless, mieawing for a mum.

One by one she carried them by mouth to the house. The real mother lay further away, stiff and motionless, all her tomorrows frozen but the river of life flowing still in her kittens. Their life, her legacy.

Rose curled up in her box with three bundles of bliss, her heart beating in time to theirs, her love flowing from her teats in rose pink milk. The rose quartz inside her radiated warmth. Together, they slept as one, dreams united as tails entwined.

Somewhere, far away, a rose quartz kitten slept, drying a little child’s tears with purrs. The sun dawned on a day alive with the magic of mieaws. Nightmares retreated as rose pink light painted the world a better shade of peace.



Kedi is an endearing film/documentary about the free roaming cats of Istanbul.

Allow your heart to silently squeeze as you watch the simplicity and complexity of these cats’ lives: their interaction with humans, their stressful motherhoods, their cunning exploits versus their gentle affection.

The human/cat relationship stories are quietly bewitching, living proof of why humans first domesticated cats. There is a beauty behind this beneficial partnership, shining through the hardships like sugar for the soul. There are cats and kittens saved by people; but similarly, there are humans who say their wounds are healed by the love of a cat.

The city sings to a cat’s maternal mieaw and their healing purr. People’s lives interweave effortlessly with their feline friends. It is a city with a soul, a colour to life and a heart that beats like a mother cat’s as she feeds her kittens. It is a city that breathes with a mute magic.

From the gentleman restaurant cat who does not enter but scratches the window for food; to the fish loving felines; the mouse catcher; the cat with five homes. And not least, the people who feed the cat colonies, claiming it is therapy like no other.

They say that dogs are man’s best friends. If this is true, then the cat is man’s guardian, healing lives by their mere presence, mending hearts with a reticent love that is like no other.

For all cat lovers, this film is a must. A story with no end, each cat is a novel with no words, a work of art in frozen motion.

Cat from cat shelter, Aberdeen